Thursday, July 22, 2004

For me to poop on!

Or to be pooped on rather.  That was my thanks for playing with a baby recently, great!  I later would help change the diaper, and by help i mean distract the baby while someone else changed her, thinking to myself the whole while, man it smells like well...crap in here.  Everyday this baby's parents, and everyone else who raises their kids in the world stand down wind and wipe off mountains of crap...they wash, clean, soothe, listen, instruct, play with, and raise their children everyday.

Why do they do that thing...oh yeah, love...their children so much.  Something a new mother said to me recently gave me a little perspective.  She went to see a movie for the first time after having a baby and she freaked out a little, in my closed-mind i thought, "what's your problem?  it's only 2 hours!"... She said, "i haven't been away from this kid since it was..." and i was expecting her to say born, but she finished the sentence "concieved"...never really thought of it that way before, i can more understand why parents love their children, but I probably only have the slightest inkling.

I appreciate parents, mine own and yours, in a new light as a child, an uncle, a new husband, and someday a father.  YOU have someone who has put up with a whole lot of your crap...and quite literally too.


Sameer said...

Very well written T. I put up with a lot of your crap for 2 years as well!

Tasneem Poonawalla said...

Ah...parenthood...everybody does it--What's the big deal? One of life's experiences--like college. That's what I used to think. There is no way of knowing true worry, work, love, originality and anthropolgy until you become one.