Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I had no idea...

I've been writing this blog for long enough that I barely recognize the perspective that I used to have.  I wrote this 8 years ago about me palying with my then baby niece.  In in I wrote something suggesting I might understand and appreciate what it means to be a parent and love your kid.  I had no idea.  I've done lots of diapers and been there for pretty much everything that happens in the first 4 years.  I think I can appreciate what a person will do for their kids, though I'll probably look back at this post 8 years and roll my eyes just as much as I did  just now.

I love being able to glimpse the thoughts I had a long time ago.  I'm glad I've been writing these posts.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Early bird

A new morning routine has developed at home over the last couple weeks and it is awesome!  I've made my start a little earlier and at first I was waking up a little groggy, but my new morning is fantastic and well worth getting up early for. 

Every morning Nooriya wakes up and wants me to lie with her in my bed next to her and her Dora doll for a few minutes and she stays with me with me as I get ready for work.  I have very little privacy, but it is well worth it.  Yusuf then joins us and he sits with me while I do Quran.  After we're all (or most of us) are all changed the four of us have breakfast together.

Not to future me: don't mess with the mornings, this start makes my day.