Saturday, September 08, 2012


I may have a decision to make soon or even again some time much later this will be worth thinking back to.  I hope I come back to this post when it comes time to make that decision.

So many times small annoying things happen like being stuck in traffic and I've thought if I only I'd taken the other way or left a few minutes earlier.   Sometime later, hopefully not too long later, I think that I was spared experiencing something bigger and worse and only had to deal with something small and annoying.

I feel blessed to be able to have this perspective at least some of the time.  While this has served me well with the small stuff and my day to day, it hasn't really pushed me to think about my life in the long-term.

In the last couple weeks two things have disrupted normal life so much it has forced me to look closely at the path I'm on now.  There are two different things, but they really make me see the same thing; what it is that I have now.

The first is a job opportunity.  It's not an opportunity really of any substance yet, but a romantic idea of what my career might be like.  If this pans out it could be like waving a magic career wand and getting to this place where I could just open any career door I wanted.  I could take any number of career paths with a bright future and in my mind everything else would just fall into place.

The second is a the family being separated.  Zahra is gone right now and it is the most time we've ever spent apart.  I'm fine and the kids are fine.  Taking good care of them is a tough job, but I'm up for it.  It's just really lonely.  I don't have fun; I'm just doing stuff to pass the time until we're all together again.

I'm so glad these two things happened at the same time.  It has given me the opportunity to think clearly about where our life is headed and could be headed.  I wonder how many things have had to go exactly right for me to have this lucky life.  I could make this career change, but it might mean changing this great thing I've got.  I better not  make the decision seeing only the things I want to see and ignoring the rest.  I am doing my best not to lose sight of why I work in the first place.  My ambitions and aspirations are not career-related, they're life-related.  No matter how tempting the opportunity, if I make a decision that puts career before life I'll regret it sooner or later.  Probably sooner.