Saturday, June 23, 2012

Move on

Last week I was in a car accident and I just can't get past what did and didn't happen.  The accident happened in an instant, but it's weight on me has been lasting.  My mom and my brothers' two beautiful girls were in the car.  We are so fortunate the accident happened to be minor and most importantly that no one got hurt.

Still, I feel so responsible and I'm finding it a lot to bear.  I don't understand how my brothers have been so awesome and patient, making this a non-event in many ways.  And I don't understand how my dad's first reaction was, "Alhamdollilah, something bad DIDN'T happen". I'm hearing, "there was nothing you could have done; it's not your fault".  I believe that and comprehend that, but I just can't seem to internalize it. 

I'm hoping that writing this will help me process what happened and understand better what's never been in my control.

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