Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cone

Today I sat across from Yusuf as he devoured an ice cream cone. Relative to him, it was giant and he finished it completely one lick at a time with ice cream all around his mouth when he was done. He says and does so many things that make me think of as older than he is. Watching him eat his ice cream cone was a reminder for me of how small he is and how much I still want to teach him.

I just got back from India and it was a wonderful trip. We made the trip on short notice and I remember deciding whether or not to make the trip about a week before. After coming back and thinking about the last ten days, I can't now understand what the hesitation was. I want to teach Yusuf and Nooriya to make decisions that they will feel good about and remember weeks, months and even years later...without so much hesitation.

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Aziz P. said...

the hesitation was simple: concern for these small humans.

but in the end you put your trust in a higher power - and were justly, amply rewarded.

And you made the decision without expectation of those rewards.