Friday, July 01, 2011

Favorite Thing

Every year we ask each other our favorite thing that happened in the past year. The last several have been easy for me, usually Yusuf or Nooriya. Found out that we were expecting, one of them becoming real or some milestone for one of them.

This year is different. Equally awesome (even more so), but different. I can't think of just one thing or two or three or four even. The last year has been filled with tons of moments (including dancing and screaming in the kitchen right now) that are the four of us spending time together.

I knew that I had a ton of love to give to everyone before starting this journey with Zahra, but what I didn't know to expect and what I've realized this year more than ever is how much family would mean to me. Knowing that a little more is my favorite thing this year.

(the dancing has turned into fighting...and we're back to playing together:)

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