Saturday, March 23, 2013

Order out of disorder

I saw this and first thought that it was just cool.

I think back to every summer and seeing fireflies and watching them randomly flicker and remember thinking nothing of it.  I then saw this video of thousands of fireflies flashing in unison.  Amazing.

 Among other places where fireflies live, they flashed in unison on this river in Thailand.  Just discovered, maybe 50 years ago.  In the dark, silent night.  Amazing! and for no one to see.  And they've probably been doing it for thousands of years.

And my immediate assumption is that there is "no one to see".  Subtle, but I realize that my assumption that there should be someone to see, someone to understand is very presumptuous.  My reaction of isn't only wonder and appreciation, it's something more and marked with hubris.  I also think of my definition of the word random.

Random is a human construct, a human definition.  It's an explanation for something that can't be explained.  Just like fireflies who appear to flash randomly one at a time, but thousands together have a pattern.  Random is just a matter of perspective.  Things may appear random to me, but I shouldn't think they aren't without a purpose.

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aamir said...

i remember the first time i saw this as well. it was out in farm country in Michigan, doing a lot of meditating. i was actively trying to isolate myself from other people, and focus my brain. i remember very clearly the hundreds of thousands of green lights sweeping across the hills like fans doing the wave at a stadium... no big reflections in the moment though. just beautiful.