Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Birthday Ever!

For some reason Yusuf wanted to throw me a surprise birthday party the other night.  My birthday isn't for months, but this was awesome still.

The party was complete with decorations Yusuf had cut out and taped to the wall, invitations, party hats, a construction paper cake with candles, and a happy birthday song that Yusuf wrote the lyrics out for.

It was so amazing to be the center of his attention and I have some precious souvenirs from the party I plan to keep for a long time.  Hopefully they're a small part of what I'll continue to collect from Yusuf and Nooriya.

Thanks Yusuf! (and Zahra)

"I Love You You are the best and the great"

Party Balloon and Cake

"I Love you and you are the best and supur! good! and nice!"
This is the invitation outside
 This is the invitation inside, "Dear Abba, Yusuf and Nooriya and Mumy have a extra special surprise at home and it is a secret."

Yusuf wrapped some presents and made some party hats!

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