Saturday, October 20, 2012

Go Fish!

Yesterday was Nooriya's 3rd birthday.  Hard for me to understand she's already 3.  The four of us went for ice cream yesterday to celebrate before her party.

We had ice cream and taught Yusuf to play Go Fish!  It was awesome, he got it and he really enjoyed it.  I watched him yell "GO FISH! abba" and all of a sudden realized this was the first time he'd ever played Go Fish! and it was kind of blowing his mind discovering this game.

All day I've been thinking back to when Yusuf was just a few days and weeks old.  I remember marvelling at the thought that just about every single thing was brand new to him - everywhere he went, everything he ate, everything he was pretty much all for the first time.  Last night he had another first, and I realized there are so many more to come for him.  I have also been thinking that there isn't much in my week or month that is for the first time.  Almost everything I do, eat and experience I've done before.

I also realized something else after all this stuff.  Yesterday, I got to be a part of his first game of Go Fish!  It's just up to me to be a part Yusuf's and Nooriya's firsts. 

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