Friday, May 27, 2005


“Welcome to the world”.

Rebirth. I feel like the potential is there all the time. A friend of mine wrote in his blog, “the end is near”, and I thought, “yeah, isn’t it great?”.

I have had this great feeling for a long time of being on the verge of being in the best time of my life. Excited. Thrilled. Dizzy with joy at the thought of what I have to look forward to, and the change I know that is right around the corner.

A book I’m reading about how the souls, of the characters are connected and intertwined. More so the book is about their relationships. It is so easy for me to identify with this. I feel ‘reborn’ all the time. Reading a friends blog, talking with ZP, reconnecting with a friend, making a new one, simultaneously being a son and a husband, or being a brother.

I feel so intertwined and it provides so much perspective. Every day is so rich with these relationships. Relationships that make me feel so intertwined with my jati.


Tasneem Poonawalla said...

woohoo! he continues to post. I was afraid your blog would be but a thailand thing. Happy to see it is not. Like I said in Zahra's blog, I am not interested in the places you see or the things you do. But I would be fascinated even if you wrote about what you thought about drinking a glass of water.

sourat said...

wow! a comment. there will be more to come, stay tuned!

ZP said...

yeah, i was tired of "this place reeks of war" too :) this is one of my favorite posts of yours- love it when people are inspired and there is enough to go around.