Friday, October 08, 2004


When I started writing this, it was for myself. Though over three months, a few people, to my surprise, have told me they read my blog. Reading what I’ve written, my writing has changed from the introspective way it began.

Perhaps three people isn’t actually considered a readership. But, consciously, I want to turn inwards as when I started.


Aziz Poonawalla said...

That exact same conflict is why i still refuse to put a counter on my main blog. We are human, of course, and so the observer-effect is real - we cant help but act differently in "private" and in "public". These are different personas that we all manifest unconciously.

But at the same time, there is an advantage to an audience, even if they are unknown is size. It keeps you a bit more rigorous, maybe a bit more critical.

I've found that with practice, I can regain the introspective tone that I used to have with zero readers, if the thought motivates me enough. Theres a kind of filter operating as a result, aming my introspective posts better - because not all the introspective subjects I would have posted have the same level of motivation to overcome the inertia of not posting.

I guess Im rambling here - but the point is, just dont think too hard about tone. Just write. Too much meta-analysis will only paralyze you, whereas if you try NOt to be conscious of it, do not sit doiwn andthink "ok this next post will be mor eintrospective", it will come out more naturally.

And tell Zahra to blog more! :)

aamir said...

i agree with aziz- its a conflict.

for me it seems to be a constant battle. the very fact that a blog exists is for an audience. but my goal, as is yours, is to try and approach the ideal of writing for oneself.

sometimes i know that i have nailed it- expressing exactly what i wanted. other times, i know that my abilities in the manipulation of language have failed. either way, though, its hard to believe that the readers actually get it, that they actually understand what i understand.

but i hope, i hope that once in a while they do. i suppose thats why i write publicly in the first place.